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A 5-chamber system features very good thermal insulation parameters. Our innovative solution is based on a snow-white A-class profile made exclusively of primary materials to ensure the highest quality. These windows are perfect for both warm and cold climates.

    • The profile is available in two colours: white and brown.


IGLO Energy

An innovative and original 7-chamber A-class profile made exclusively of primary materials. The world’s first system using a central gasket made of foamed EPDM to ensure the best energy efficiency parameters. Iglo Energy windows also stand out for their perfect parameters in terms of water tightness, microventilation and resistance to wind.

    • • Profile available in two colours: white, brown




Iglo EXT

Balcony windows and doors that open outwards stand out for their modern design and excellent thermal insulation performance.

As standard, these windows have hidden fittings (invisible when closed), while balcony doors have door (surface) fittings. The Iglo EXT window and door system is ideal for those looking for modern design and high aesthetic values.